Websites are necessary in the current business world and as such, you have to consider how much it will cost you. Each website costs a different price depending on different factors such as the domain and other components. Some of the factors to consider when thinking about web design costs include:



The server you use for your website’s domain is one of the factors that will determine the amount you pay for your website. You can use a third party to host your site or the developer you hire can give you hosting services.


Website type:

Each business requires a different type of website. Some may be a simple blog while others may be e-commerce sites. Both require different kinds of setups and that will determine the amount spent on each.



Third party services including apps and plugins are common parts of a website. They cost different amounts and will, therefore, determine the money you spend on your website.


The technology used:

The cost of your site will differ depending on whether you use PHP or HTML coding. The technology could also include other content management systems. You can, therefore, choose the one that you can afford.



The set and the design of the website also determines the amount you pay. If you use a design with a simple structure then you may end up paying less than someone who wants a complex design.



Although the maintenance cost will be paid as you continue to use your site, it should be factored in the development of money.



You can easily develop a website even when you don’t know how to code. There is available technology that can be used to help you code without going through the learning process of programming. You just have to put in some effort in learning how the systems work and how to create a functional one. Web design average prices, when done personally, will be approximately less than $100 every year. You’ll just pay the hosting service fee of $5 per month. Although you’ll end up spending more time on the development process, you can still get a high-quality website.


Hiring someone

Working with a freelancer is another option. When you have more money to spend on your website. Freelancers usually charge between $1,000 and $3,000. Since most of them charge on hourly rates, they charge different amounts. Some may charge $10 per hour while others may go up to $100. This means that the money you pay may be as low as $150. You can find freelancers online from sites like Upwork and You should, however, know that those who charge lower rates may not give you a high-quality website. You should, therefore, be ready to part with $1,000 and $3,000 if you want a good website.


Hiring an agency

Agencies will not only give you a website but they will include other aspects like branding and SEO. Since most of the agencies offer package services, they charge more. If you’re a start-up then you may consider working with a freelancer or doing the website yourself. The web design average prices for agencies range from $10,000 to $50,000. Finding one that will charge less than $10,000 is possible but they are rare and will be hard to come across. You’ll spend a lot of time online trying to locate one but if you have reliable referrals then you can use them.


The maintenance cost is usually included in the total cost of the website. As such, it will differ depending on the total sum. The hosting also differs with the average costs being $5 per month if it is self-hosting. If you opt for managed hosting them you’ll have to pay a higher sum of $50 per month.



If you have a website that has already been established and can afford to hire an agency then that is the best option for you. However, if you’re starting up and you have enough time to focus on the development of the website then you have to consider the option of creating the website yourself. If you want a simple website then you can also pay a lower amount but if you want a more sophisticated site then you can pay more. If you opt for website builders then you can pay between $50 and $300. Compare what you need and what you can afford then make a suitable choice.


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